Sea freight is the most common means for overseas removals.

it is a means of transport suitable for heavy goods transported over long distances by large ships and offers maximum security guarantees for the loading of goods.

The sea freight segment is characterized by high and constant demand.

The growth of trade around the world has been facilitated by the growing possibilities offered by maritime transport.

shipments are typically loaded into proprietary 20 ‘or 40’ containers, or consolidated by sharing the container with other customers depending on volume to keep costs down

The containers are handed over to trusted shipping companies, benefiting from modern logistical means guaranteeing the arrival of the containers with their original seals.

With us you can enjoy a full range of logistics services
and sea freight transport.

We organize and supply sea containers all over the world.

So Shipping is an inexpensive means of transportation. While it allows the movement of large volumes of goods, sea transport is also a suitable means of transport for small lots and short distances.

Our experienced professionals organize for you sea container transport of various goods anywhere in the world, with delivery on time, choosing the optimal route and price according to the individual needs of Customers.

We work in partnership with carefully selected shipping companies on the basis of privileged agreements and we benefit from priority boarding in all major commercial ports around the world for maximum reliability.