We manage all the links in the supply chain

We arrange, in our own name but on behalf of a shipper, a transport of goods (shipment, receipt and storage) at a price agreed with the latter.

We freely choose the carriers or other intermediaries we will call upon to carry out our mission.

Domestic or international freight transport operations can be complex in terms of regulations, insurance, type of transport depending on the destination…

A true transport professional, we implement the solutions best suited to your specific transport needs.

We manage all the links in the supply chain.

This includes the following activities:

shipments for which we group several individual shipments of goods (from multiple shippers or to multiple addressees) into a single batch for transport.

The goods are unbundled on arrival and delivered to the consignees

by which consignments are entrusted to carriers without prior grouping. The charterer looks for the best means of transport according to the needs of our customers, the transport constraints, the characteristics of the goods and the deadlines.

by which parcels or retail shipments are taken over and delivered separately to carriers, or other freight forwarders

where goods are to be taken over from or to the national territory and by one or more public carriers by any means.